Children’s Day: President Tinubu celebrates Nigerian children, pledges support in realizing their dreams

President Bola Tinubu has celebrated Nigerian children on Children’s Day, emphasizing the importance of family values in shaping their future.

President Tinubu in a statement by his spokesman, Mr Ajuri Ngelale, highlighted his administration’s efforts to improve education, ensure safety, and address out-of-school children, pledging continued commitment.

He said: On this special occasion of Children’s Day, I celebrate all Nigerian children – the bearers of our nation’s torch into the future. I rejoice with parents, guardians, and families across our nation, and call for a reinforcement of the family unit as the foundation where the sacred values of honesty, modesty, hard work, and charity are passed down to the shining lights of tomorrow.

“Our society reflects each family unit as a collective, and I urge the preservation of those principles that make us a wholesome, nurturing, and thriving nation.

“My administration is sparing no effort in ensuring that Nigeria’s children have a solid footing for the realization of their dreams.

“With increased investments in education and the recent overhauling of the entire education system to provide both human and material resources for learning, along with the efforts of the National Commission for Almajiri and Out-of-School Children Education to get our nation’s precious gifts off the streets, my administration will continue to expand access to qualitative education for all Nigerians.

“I reassure the nation of my commitment to ensuring a safe and secure ambience of learning for the children while improving the standard of education.

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