Cheapest Businesses To Start In Nigeria (2024 Trends Included)

Cheapest Businesses To Start In Nigeria (2024 Trends Included)

Starting a business can feel intimidating, especially when capital is limited. The initial costs of renting a space, renovating, purchasing a generator, and other expenses can make you reconsider whether starting a business is feasible.

Fear not,

There are cheap businesses to start in Nigeria if you are willing to put in the maximum effort and marketing needed. If everything is done rightly, it must surely yield results. 

Starting this business with minimal investment is possible with these low-cost ideas:

1. Dropshipping

You can start dropping online with no money. Sell products online without holding inventory. Your own part is to only purchase the goods as orders come in.

2. Freelance Writing or Graphic Design

First, learn writing or graphic design from Udemy or Coursera and perfect in it. Then use your skills to offer services online with just a computer and internet connection. You can do this job from anywhere in the world.

3. Home Tutoring

This is another small business idea that requires your skill and basic knowledge. If you are good with a particular subject or course and sell it as a value in exchange for money. Offer private or online lessons in subjects you are knowledgeable about, using minimal resources.

4. Street Food Vending

This requires small capital to start. Get a location, and fix your furniture, tables, and mini kiosk. Then start with simple dishes that require basic equipment.

5. Cleaning Services

Start by advertising your services online and getting a little training from YouTube. Then proceed to provide residential or office cleaning services with just basic cleaning supplies. Also charge a reasonable amount, with time when you have gotten enough customers, you can increase your charge.

6. Soap Making

Basic soap making requires cheap ingredients which can be bought in stores.  Produce and sell handmade soaps using affordable ingredients. Don’t forget to use good scented perfumes as it will attract more customers to you.

7. Bead Making and Jewelry

Materials for making beads are cheap and seen in different stores. After learning how to make beads, proceed to practice until you perfect them. Then design and craft jewelry from inexpensive materials to sell at local markets or online.

8. Blogging

Blogging isn’t hard and just requires you to know how to create content, images and use WordPress and other related platforms. Choosing a blog niche and a domain name that aligns with your niche. Then proceeding to pay for the web hosting requires minimal costs.

9. Fruit and Vegetable Reselling

Visit farmers in their farms and buy in bulk from them and resell in urban areas. You can also buy from the fruit market to resell.

10. Sales of Mobile Phone Accessories

This requires cheap capital and you can sell items like cases, chargers, and earphones, which can be sourced cheaply and sold with a markup.


There are numerous cheapest businesses to start in Nigeria but the ones listed in this article were carefully researched and selected. 

These businesses are generally low-barrier to entry, easily scaled, and can yield you more profits as your customer base grows. All you need is effort, focus, and good marketing strategies. 

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