Thursday, February 9, 2023


Atiku vs  Tinubu: Dance of Naked Emperors

ENGAGEMENTS BY Chidi  Amuta What began as a promising campaign season is about to end up as a roving circus of political emperors and their minions. As the campaigns for next month’s elections wind down, we probably now have a convenient summation...

Peter Obi and the Northern Challenge

ENGAGEMENTS BY Chidi Amuta - Politicians on a nationwide campaign for the top job in the land are condemned to a life of compulsive nomadism. They are perpetually on the go, sometimes armed with a compass they alone can read or...

2023: Of Polls, Projections and Partisanship

ENGAGEMENTS BY with  Chidi Amuta - Nigerians are a very impatient people. Our hunger for instant outcomes should have made us the nation that invented the microwave oven. But our impatience is directed at other ends. We can at least content...

Ending the Carnage in the South-east

ENGAGEMENTS BY Chidi  Amuta - The general atmosphere of violence and anarchy threatening to overwhelm the South East portends ill for our national security. A spate of senseless killings, random arson and general insecurity has since become a veritable signature of the...

Playing Games with Poverty

ENGAGEMENTS BY Chidi Amuta - The National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) has stirred an unnecessary storm and in the process may have scored an inconsequential victory. Last week, the NBS revised the definition of poverty by shifting from the now proverbial...

2023: What If Machiavelli Votes?

ENGAGEMENTS BY Chidi  Amuta - Ordinarily, the hidden hands of an ancient Italian devious thinker should have no relevance to Nigeria’s 2023 election. But Machiavelli lived in a bad time and in a treacherous political terrain pretty much like the Nigeria of...

The Rise of Tyrant Governors

By Chidi Amuta - An urgent threat hovers over Nigeria’s democracy. It is not just the spectre of bad elections or the predominance of atrocious politicians. It is instead the rise and increasing numbers of authoritarian governors all over the...

This Time Next Year

ENGAGEMENTS BY Chidi Amuta The distance between political campaign promises and their fulfilment is an infinity. Between when these promises are made and the end of the tenure of those who usually promise paradise and deliver hell, people are often too dazed...

My Crowd is Bigger than Yours

ENGAGEMENTS BY Chidi Amuta The crowds of power wear amorphous but identical faces. It does not matter whether they are the Roman plebeians, renegade factions of the Athenian metropole, or the rough racist hounds that accompanied Donald Trump to defile the...

El Rufai: Letter From the Front Line

ENGAGEMENTS BY Chidi Amuta - The reign of terrorists is not without its own sardonic humour. Soon after storming Kuje prison in Abuja to free their comrades in arms, ISWAP terrorists indicated an interest in two pricey trophies: President Muhammadu...


Two Ghanaian Bands to tour Spain in July 2019«

Casa África, a Spanish public diplomacy institution, has opened the call to find two Ghanaian artists to tour Spain next July and perform in...