Tuesday, September 27, 2022


El Rufai: Letter From the Front Line

ENGAGEMENTS BY Chidi Amuta - The reign of terrorists is not without its own sardonic humour. Soon after storming Kuje prison in Abuja to free their comrades in arms, ISWAP terrorists indicated an interest in two pricey trophies: President Muhammadu...

Metaphor of the Leaning Tower

ENGAGEMENTS BY Chidi Amuta - The cry is getting louder that the Nigerian state is about to fail. In the attractive parlance of some foreign reporter, the pessimists insist that the Nigerian house is about to fall. Not quite, I say....

Enemy at the Door

ENGAGEMENTS BY Chidi Amuta - On the matter of ensuring national security by all means necessary, I accept  being called a hawk. But on the concomitant cautious fear that bad things could happen to the nation if our defenses are...

Time to License the Vote Trade

ENGAGEMENTS BY Chidi  Amuta The recent presidential nomination primaries of the two big parties and the just concluded Ekiti state governorship elections are united by a paradox. In both,  Nigerian democracy recorded some dubious progress. An orderly and fairly credible electoral processes...

Peter Obi and the Last ‘Big Men’

ENGAGEMENTS by Chidi Amuta The outcome of our presidential nominations season has produced a new landscape of mixed blessings. The two major parties have produced rival contestants straight from the dark recesses of Africa’s political past. Atiku Abubakar and Bola...

Atiku’s Dance, Buhari’s Song By Chidi Amuta

ENGAGEMENTS BY Chidi  Amuta Shortly before the outcome of the recent PDP primaries, a video clip of Atiku Abubakar dancing in casual outfit hit the social media. It did not seem like a recent video. But it gathered traction and went even...

Long Week of Power Bazaars

ENGAGEMENTS BY Chidi  Amuta In a little over another week, a great deal of the political cacophony all over the country will have abated. The period will end with gatherings of Nigeria’s political tribes in Abuja. Their major achievement will be to...

Madness and the Succession

ENGAGEMENTS BY Chidi Amuta - In an election season, the briefcases of political salesmen are full of assorted marketing pitches. Not even the most outrageous and unexpected ideas are off limits. Conflicting notions and ideas tumble and clash for headlines in a...

Overcrowding the Presidential Doorway BY Chidi Amuta

ENGAGEMENTS BY Chidi Amuta Democracy was never intended to amuse nor was politics meant to offend. The ritual of periodic leadership renewal through elections was instead meant to be a serious business to guarantee the health of the polis. The Athenian...

Foods that are good for Diabetes

By Vera Awuah Honnyveea3@gmail.com WhatsApp: +233541447024 -------------------------------- Choosing healthy food can be very difficult especially when you have been diagnosed with diabetes. Diabetic patients become self-conscious about their eating routine.  The key is to choose foods that are high in fibre, protein and healthy...

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Presdient Buhari asks EU for debt write-off for Africa

President Muhammadu Buhari has asked European countries and global financial institutions to consider loan restructure or complete debt relief for African countries. He said this...