Cameroon raises age limit for recruitment of people with disabilities in public service

by Tom Chiahemen
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Cameroonian government has officially extended the entry age by five years for the recruitment of people with disabilities in the public service, according to Joseph Le, minister of the Public Service and Administrative Reform.

The official made the announcement during a media briefing Friday while launching competition entry examinations into public service.

“The age waiver must be considered as a preferential measure for the benefit of people with disabilities,” said the official.

In Cameroon, candidates seeking to work in civil or public service must not exceed 30 years of age, but the new measure allows people with disabilities to have access to employment opportunities in public service at up to 35 years of age.

“Permit me to invite our disabled brothers and sisters many of whom no longer meet the age requirement for recruitment into public service to take this unique opportunity offered to them,” said the official, calling it a “milestone” in public reforms and Cameroon’s commitment to “social justice.”

Persons with disabilities wishing to gain employment in the public service must show proof of professional, educational, and university training, possess a national disability card and apply only for jobs that suit the nature of their disability, said the official. Xinhua

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