African intellectuals upset, demand end to Ethiopian violence


Over 55 African intellectuals have added their voices to the plea for peace in Ethiopia, urging the country’s warring parties to lay down their weapons in exchange for talks.

Kenya’s former Chief Justice Willy Mutunga, SUNY Buffalo Law School Professor Makau Mutua, former Chair of the Kenyan National Commission on Human Rights, and economist David Ndii are among the scholars.

They claim that the Ethiopian conflict is producing unnecessarily high levels of death and destruction, and that it must be ended quickly.

Ethiopia’s status as both an example of Africa’s resilience and a host to the African Union, according to an open letter signed by experts from across the continent on Thursday, requires immediate intervention. They went on to say that the lack of intervention has encouraged the protagonists to keep fighting.

“The African Union and its member states, notably Ethiopia’s neighbors, must not enable Ethiopia to dictate the terms of their engagement in resolving this conflict,” the letter stated.

“As a result, we urge the Ethiopian government and Tigray’s national regional administration to respond positively to repeated calls for political discussion, particularly with the Amhar’s impacted and implicated groups.

The intellectuals, who include academics, legal practitioners, politicians, scientists, economists, writers and civil society activists, were referring to the main protagonists in Ethiopia’s war.

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