Afghan security officer murdered in armed clash


An Afghan security officer has been killed at the north gate of Kabul airport, in a fight between Afghan security forces and German and American soldiers battling insurgents.

Three more individuals were hurt in the early hours of Monday morning, according to the German army.

According to the army, no Bundeswehr personnel were injured in the incident.

In the aftermath of the Taliban insurgents taking power, the airport has seen chaotic scenes as Western powers evacuate their people and Afghan local workers.

According to the British Defence Ministry, seven Afghan civilians killed in the pandemonium surrounding the airport.

The US government expressed alarm on Sunday about a possible attack by the terrorist outfit Islamic State against the White House.

In spite of the ongoing chaos and intense August heat, people had continued to flock to the airport on Sunday, a witness on the scene told dpa.

Evacuations had gathered pace, with discussions under way involving the U.S. and its allies about letting U.S. forces stay longer to enable more people to be flown out.

The Germany’s Bundeswehr had flown more than 2,700 people from Kabul, including more than 1,800 Afghans.

Since taking power in the country on Aug. 15, the Taliban has been slow to take over the day-to-day running of the country.

The group has called on former government employees to continue doing their jobs.

Negotiations with other political groups are under way to form a government.

Since then, members of the opposition, journalists, human rights activists and local staff who worked for Western countries have feared acts of revenge.

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